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A pensive collection of woodland miscellania, meditating on the beauty and complexity of the forest biota, and of the cycle of life and death therein
"The beauty there is in mosses must be considered from the holiest, quietest nook."
--Henry David Thoreau, 1842

n122_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.
Abbildung der wilden Bäume, Stauden und Buschgewächse, welche nicht nur mit Farben nach der Natur vorgestellet, sondern auch … kurz und gründlich beschrieben werden /. Nürnberg :Adam Wolfgang Winterschmidt,1767

Brunswick Lake by martin_nv on Flickr.

Forest floor and ferns

Misty Forest | by Raimund Matros.


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(I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to answer!)

What’s your name? 

What’s your URL? 

What’s your blog’s name?
This main one? “The Crying Hills”. (I know…)

Have a crush?   
Can you have a crush on a person you’ve lived with for four years?

What’s your favorite color?  
Deep, pine forest green



Got a favorite band/singer? 
Not really. I listen to a lot of folk-y shit.

Favorite number? 

Favorite drink? 
Alcoholic, hard cider. Otherwise, obscene amounts of coffee, sometimes home-made tea.

Favorite time of day?  
I know it’s really wishy washy to say, but it depends on the time of year. I like summer nights or winter twilight, autumn sunset or spring noon-times.

Why did you start your tumblr?  
My friend drunkenly forced me to because he wanted one more follower for a follower milestone.

What happened in the last dream you can remember? 
I have a lot of recurring dreams of being in some sort of dark house or shack and a horde of monsters or a single monster of some variety trying to get in, and me trying to run around and shut and/or board the windows Slender style. It was probably one of those. I don’t remember most of my dreams.

Describe your dream house (rooms, decor, garden etc.)
Some sort of cottage, wooden or stone, in the deep woods, with a room set aside for my work, including an herbarium cabinet, rafters for drying many bundles of herbs, food gardens and a beehive and fruit trees, a shelf of mason jars full of stored dried herbs and a cabinet for dried and canned foods, adjacent to a forest or property from which I can gather plants both for pressing and for my own personal use. Basically, just a homestead that allows me to be self-sufficient.

If you could travel back or forward in time when/where would you go and why?
Man I don’t even know how to answer that question. I could say I would do such and such to try to prevent some tragedy but I don’t even know where to begin. It’s so stereotypical, but I might have to go with seeing the British Isles before the introduction of Christianity. Either that, or America before the first settlers arrived.

What is your favorite myth and why ?

I really enjoy the aesthetic of Baba Yaga quite a bit but admittedly I don’t know much of the real mythology.

What do you look forward to most about the fall?

All the stereotypical things of course, the crisp smell, the changing leaves, alllll the food, Halloween… But probably most of all I look forward to fresh, local apples. Picking an apple from a tree, cleaning it on your shirt and immediately biting into it is nothing short of a spiritual experience for me, and I love picking the apples from the orchard just down the road from me that I’ve watched formed all year long.

My question: What is your favorite or most nostalgic scent?

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